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Teachers call for state financing of schools

The Swedish Teachers’ Union says schools here are a failure, and blames the problem on varying economic situations between municipalities.

Writing in the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet Saturday morning, the teachers’ union and other labor organizations call for national financing to apportion funding for education according to need, regardless of geographical location or the political situation in different municipalities.

The unions write:

“Our common conclusion is that Swedish primary and secondary education would meet their respective tasks much better if society took a collective approach on school financing. We are calling therefore for a national system of resource allocation, which apportions and directs resources to where they are truly needed.”

Primary and secondary education in Sweden was run by the state until 1991, when, under a plan narrowly pushed through by the Social Democrat government, municipalities were given responsibility for administering the schools.

"More gifted young people must choose teaching"

Social Democrat leader Stefan Löfven and Eva-Lis Sirén, president of the Swedish Teachers' Union, are calling for measures to improve the role and quality of teachers in this country.

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