Soy is grown in Brazil using pesticides banned in the EU, Photo: Andre Penner/Scanpix.
genetically-modified soy forces up prices

Harder to keep food GM free

Swedish farmers complain it’s becoming more difficult to keep genetically-modified soy out of their animal foder. Swedish Radio News reports that both pig and chicken producers say the ban on GM products here is reducing their competiveness.

Every year around 200,000 tons of soy are imported from Brazil for Swedish meat, daily, and egg production. Concerns have already been raised about the presence of pesticides long outlawed in the EU. But now come reports that more and more of the soy is genetically-modified. Producers say the non-GM alternative is getting more expensive.

Maria Donis of the Swedish Poultry Association (Svensk Fågel) tells Swedish Radio News “The price of soy has gone up very much and it has to be taken out somewhere. If it continues to increase we won’t be able to pass along the cost to consumers.”

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