Two French Bulldogs, Alva and Negra. Photo: Maja Suslin/SCANPIX
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Puppy smuggling a growing problem?

"It's concerning one particular dog breed, the French Bulldog".
3:55 min

Smuggling puppies over the Swedish border from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania has become a lucrative market for criminal gangs. The dogs, sold in Sweden as properly bred pedigree animals, can carry parasites and other diseases that can be passed on to other dogs already living here in Sweden.

That's according to the insurance company If, which says more has to be done to stop the trade. Jenny Stenberg is the company's pet specialist, she says the breed most at risk is the French Bulldog. A type of dog that often has trouble reproducing. The dogs are brought over the border and sold as pedigree Swedish animals, and they may not have been vaccinated against rabies and other common illnesses, Stenberg adds.

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