Malmö mayor slams immigrant ID checks pilot

Malmö city council has written to the Minister of Justice Beatrice Ask to complain that they were never informed that the city was used as a pilot scheme for cracking down on illegal immigrants, reports news agency TT.

The so-called Reva project - aimed at stepping up deportations of refugees who have not been granted asylum here - caused an outcry in Sweden last month when many claimed identity checks by police involved racial profiling.

The city's outgoing Social Democratic mayor, Ilmar Reepalu, writes that although the council had a clearly liberal approach to undocumented immigrants he only recently learned about the pilot scheme which was later rolled out to Stockholm and other cities.

Malmö was one of the first cities to allow children without Swedish residence permits to attend school, a practice which was only approved recently by the centre-right government.

“We feared that the police operations could prevent children from going to school, for example.” he wrote.

The city’s opposition leader from the centre-right Moderate party says the criticism is ridiculous.

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