Slovenia's singer Hannah got a great draw in the first semi. Photo: Klemen Razinger/RTVSLO
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A quick wrap up!

Well, we truly are in the calm before the storm in the Eurovision world. The draw has been made, all the songs have been chosen, and all there is to do now is wait. And listen to the songs. And vote. Voting is VERY important for Eurovision fans. On sites all across the internet you can vote for your favourite, argue why song a) simply cannot win, and why song b) is totally underrated.

There is a lot to argue about, with 39 songs in the running, and with no real favourite to talk about. A lot of the bookmakers are giving Denmark the lowest odds to win, but that is almost more by default. It was one of the first songs to be chosen, is performed well, and is typically Eurovision. The typical kind of song many fans like, but is it a good enough song to convice both the professional juries and tv viewers. I'm not convinced.

The other day I listened through all of the songs in the correct running order. This year SVT has almost had free hands to select which songs will sing where in the line up, and with so many ballads this year we can be grateful we won't get a run of 10 ballads in a row. SVT have chosen to mix things up and mix ballads and more up-tempo songs to get a better balance in the two semi-finals. And it has worked quite well. I did, however notice a few songs that stick out just that little bit more, thanks to the draw.

  • Up-tempo Slovenia sounds great coming after Austria and Estonia.
  • Russia, Ukraine and the Netherlands are a strong mix.
  • A HUGE and really good fun change in style after the Netherlands with the Montenegran dubstep.
  • Belgium sounds great towards the end of the first semi-final.
  • The first semi is much stronger than the second.
  • Finland has a great draw after a series of ballads/ethno songs.
  • Norway also sticks out in a sea of male rock-ballads.

Other news in the Swedish media include Kleerup being involved in the interval act for the first semi final, more details coming out about the stage, the whole back wall will be used to project images on. Fans who haven't managed to get accreditation can get a "fan pass" giving them access to the official Eurovision nightclubs during the week.

And that's about it this time around!


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