The ferry, Scandinavian Star, caught fire just outside Lysekil, Sweden. Photo: TOR ARNE DALSNES/Scanpix
investigation claims several crew members set the fires

New investigation: "arson on the Scandinavian Star"

A new investigation into a fire that claimed the lives of 159 passengers on the ferry, MS Scandinavian Star, just outside Lysekil, Sweden, in 1990, points to evidence that several members of the crew committed arson for financial reasons.

Traveling between Norway, and Denmark 23 years ago, the burning ship was towed to Lysekil, where firefighters eventually managed to put out the flames.

A Danish truck driver who perished in the fire was originally blamed for arson, but these investigators say he was innocent.

The group of experts who carried out the investigation did it on their initiative, and now the Oslo police have asked for a meeting with them. The group went through over 20,000 pages of material and claim that a number of fires on board were set by the crew.

Martin Grande, who was aboard the ferry at the time, tells Swedish Radio News that he saw crew members break windows so that the fire would spread.

According to the new investigation, employees of the shipping company got part of the insurance money. At the time, the ferry was over-insured, and documents the investigation turned up reportedly show that the insurance agent who procured the insurance money got two million Danish kronor for doing so.

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