Helicopters and a diver were sent to Bergsjön, where two women drowned Saturday night. Photo: Robert Betzehag/Scanpix.

Three drowned -- beware of thin ice

Three people were found drowned Saturday night, after having been on fishing excursions in western Sweden, reports Swedish Radio News.

Anders Wernesten, who works as a water expert for the Swimming and Lifesaving Association, warns that the ice is treacherous.

He says that people may feel it's cold outside and, therefore, have the impression that the ice is strong and stable, but, in fact, the sun is warming it up, especially near land. The sun may not be warming it up on top, but from underneath, and that can make the ice thinner than it looks, Wernesten warns.

Two people were found dead in Bergsjön outside of Uddevalla, and one person in Mjörn lake, between Lerum and Alligsås.

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