A teacher instructing students in a classroom. Photo:Janerik Henriksson/Scanpix

Teachers union: Social Dems must do more than pay lip service to higher wages

Leading members of the left-leaning Social Democrats, Sweden's largest opposition party, have called for an increase to teachers' salaries, but one of the teacher's unions has taken a look at the numbers, and says that in municipalities where the Social Democrats are the ruling party, teachers' wages are the lowest.

For example, a municipally employed middle school teacher makes on average SEK 26,709 per month. However, according to newspaper Dagens Nyheter, in the municipaltiities where the mayor is a Social Democrat, the average is SEK 434 SEK lower.

In 2011, Mikael Damberg, who was then the Social Democrats' spokesperson on education policy, wrote in the newsapaper Svenska Dagbladet's debate pages that teachers should be paid more.

Eva-Lis Syrén, chair of the teacher's union, says politicians need to transform their words into action.

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