Canada goslings. Photo: Scanpix.

Controversy over pricking eggs

The municipality of Kalmar's decision to destroy the eggs of Canadian geese near swimming areas has met with protest, according to Swedish Radio News 4 Kalmar.

Pav Johnsson, a nature expert, tells Swedish Radio News that the method the municipality is using, pricking eggs, is an inhumane method of destroying the eggs.

"If it's about to hatch, then there are young in the egg that people are sticking a needle into. That's cruelty to animals," says Johnsson.

However, from the municipality's perspective, the birds and their excrement are not only unpleasant for bathers, but the feces can also lead to the spead of infections.

"We're responsible for taking care of this, and unfortunately, that means we have to take certain steps," says Kenneth Emricsson, the coordinator for hunting in Kalmar municipality.

Johnsson, however, says there are better methods. He names one, for example, in which one covers the egg in oil, which blocks its pores and leads to suffocation.

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