The Food Agency tested meat from Tallhöjdens kött och chark AB in the town of Öxabäck. Photo: Livsmedelsverket/Tomas Winje/Scanpix

Polish horse meat sold as beefsteak

A Swedish butcher sold Polish horse meat, marked as Swedish beefsteak. The shop, in the south-west town of Öxabäck, has now been reported to the police.

An analyst at the Swedish Food Agency says that a customer got suspicious at the size of the steak and they took tests, showing that the label was wrong about both the type of meat and the country of origin.

The butcher initially admitted that the meat was from Poland, but continued to insist that it was beef.

The Food Agency says that the wrongly labeled meat is not a health risk, but that they cannot trace where it came from.

An Ica supermarket in the northern city of Sundsvall had already bought 460 kg of the meat, and the 300 kg left has been pulled from the shelves.

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