Lingerie chain found guilty in bra-size sign case

"My bra size is none of the customers' business."
1:53 min

A lingerie shop has been ordered to pay SEK 50,000 in damages to a former employee who sued the company over gender discrimination. She and her female colleagues were made to wear name tags displaying their bra sizes.

The company, called Change, claimed that wearing the sign was voluntary, but the Handels trade union, which represented the woman in a law suit against Change, dismissed that claim as "rubbish".

Jaana Pålsson, of the Handels trade union, was very pleased with the verdict.

“It is really, really good for our member who has had the energy to take on this case,” Pålsson told news agency TT.

“It is also a great victory for all employees’ integrity. The Labour court has really put its foot down and said no.”

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