Four-year pay deal for local government workers

A four-year pay agreement has been signed for 165,000 of Sweden's local authority workers.

The head of the Vision labour union, which represents many of those employed by the local counties and municipalities, is pleased with the deal. Annika Strandhäll says to news agency TT that the agreement allows for a bigger variation in how much workers are paid, and that this will benefit social workers, medical administrators and dental assistants.

In a press release she also says that pay based on individual performance and skills will help to reduce the differences in pay between male and female dominated jobs.

The pay deal promises a minimum 2.6 percent rise for the first year, followed by at least a 2.2 rise.

For the employers, Ingela Gardner Sundström is the negotiator. She says that the long agreement means the local authorities have more time to plan in the long term.

The negotiation with the major blue-collar Kommunal union is still underway. The union wants a flat pay rise of SEK 1,700 a month in a three-year deal.

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