Sweden's new literary megahit? Image: Rabén & Sjögren
Benny Andersson and son Ludvig to make "The Circle" into a film

Abba legend's new film company to produce teen witch hit

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Abba legend Benny Andersson and his son Ludvig have set-up a film company and their first project will be bringing Swedish teen-witch book sensation, "The Circle," to the screen.  

The rights to the first book in Sara Bergmark Elfgren and Mats Strandberg's trilogy have been bought by Benny and Ludvig Anderssons' new company RMV Film from Filmlance, which first snapped up the rights to the books in 2011.

Ludvig Andersson tells Radio Sweden that he and his father will be heavily involved in the production of the new movie, with filming expected to get underway next year.

"We are going to be heavily involved, we are not the kind of people who just puts up the money and hopes for the best."

Attempts by Filmlance to produce a movie were shelved after the two authors of The Circle (Cirkeln) withdrew their support due to concerns over the script

Filming is expected to get underway next year.

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