Kommunal President Annelie Nordström

Public employees strike notice

The union for public employees, Kommunal, has given formal warning that municipal and county employees may go on strike on April 29. The union has called for a SEK 1,740 raise (per month) over three years, a proposal that the Swedish Trade Union Confederation supports for employees who earn less than SEK 25,000 per month.

The conflict notice covers 8971 employees within 100 munipal or county authorities.

"We feel we have to act now," writes Annelie Nordström, Kommunal president, in a comment. "It's about Kommunal's female-dominated work sectors, which systematically have worse wages and worse conditions than the work dominated by men."

Transport workers may strike

Long-haul truck drivers, dock workers, garbage workers and employees in security firms may take labor action beginning April 23, if employers and labor union cannot come to terms.

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