The government's committee on elections presents its proposal today. Photo: Scanpix
Swedish greens against idea

Proposal: Election voting via the internet

Voting online - soon a reality?
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Swedes should be able to vote in elections over the internet, according to a Parliamentary voting law committee, which presented its report Wednesday. The committee proposes introducing e-voting, provided certain conditions are met, in the 2018 general election.

The aim would be to allow e-voting from both polling stations and from home, reports Swedish Radio News.

The committee now wants another investigation set up, to look into the practical issues - legal, security and technical - around setting up an e-voting system. If the security can be worked out, the committee wants a few municipalities to try out e-voting during the general elections in five years, with the hope that by 2020, all of Sweden could vote online.

The Swedish Green Party are the only party that opposes the proposal, since they do not think e-voting can become completely secure.

Max Andersson, a member of the Greens who sat on the committee, is concerned about how to prevent hacking and guarantee anonymity. He also worries that if people can vote from home, the people around them may pressure them into voting a certain way.

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