Centre Party Changes Stand on Nuclear Power

Swedish business daily Dagens Industri reported on Thursday that Sweden’s opposition Centre Party has changed its long-standing opposition to nuclear power.

The newspaper Dagens Industri quoted party leader Maud Olofsson as saying all but one of Sweden’s existing nuclear power plants, which generate half of the electricity consumed here, should be allowed to keep running. Olofsson added that ”the remaining reactors should be allowed to serve for as long as they last.”

After Olofsson’s change of heart all four alliance parties now see eye-to-eye on nuclear power.

According to recent opinion polls the alliance has pulled marginally ahead of the Social Democrats and its left and green allies.

As recently as October the Centre Party agreed with the ruling Social Democrats in backing the closure of the 600 megawatt Barsebäck-2 nuclear reactor by May 2005. Barsebäck-1 was shut down in 1999.