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The French Parliament backs the New European Constitution…But will French citizens follow suit?

Labor shortage in the Czech Republic: What’s the government’s doing to solve the problem?

We investigate the growing number of seniors who wish to retire, in sunny, southern Europe. And,

Reindeer races and four legged taxi services are just some of the attractions at Northern Sweden’s Jokkmokk Market.


European Senior Citizen’s Move South

Every year, more and more “seniors” move to Southern Europe. Some of them stay just for the winter, while others chose to settle for good. Spain is by far, the most popular destination. Low prices and good climate have brought several million Europeans to the Mediterranean country—above all Germans and Brits. Today, over a million retirees live on the south Spanish coast, and that number is continuing  to rise, despite some pitfalls. 

Labour Shortage in the Czech Republic

The Czech republic is also hoping to attract foreigners - not retirees but educated workers. It’s not easy to settle in the Czech Republic, where Franz Kafka’s writing, has left a mark on people’s perception of the country’s bureaucracy. But with the country’s birth rate now alarmingly low, and the pension system under strain, efforts are underway to cut through the red tape, and attract educated foreigners to the country.

Jokkmokk Sami Market

Every year, the denizens of the isolated community of Jokkmokk in Sweden’s artic north, turn their houses into makeshift hotels, or art galleries, during the annual market, which is celebrating its four hundredth anniversary this week. King Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden inaugurated this year’s birthday celebrations, but as Radio Sweden’s Bill Schiller reports, the King opted out of a ride on Jokkmokk’s four legged reindeer taxi service.

Belgium Awards Charity Work

Each year the Belgian non-profit organization “Welzijnszorg” awards a special prize in recognition of efforts to support people on the breadline in Flanders, in the north of the country.  This year, the prize went to the “Bij o,s Chez nous” organisation in Brussels.

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