Linda Nordlund, chair of the Liberals youth wing, and Gabriel Wikstrom, chair of the Social Democrats youth wing. Photo: Scanpix. Montage: Sveriges Radio.

Youth from different political parties call for common tax reforms

The youth branches of the Liberals, one of the four parties in the government coalition, and the opposition Social Democrats have reached across the political blocks to suggest new tax reforms that they hope will increase growth and get more people into work, reports Swedish Radio News.

Gabriel Wikström, chair of the Social Democrats Youth wing says the tax system has become more unfair. "For example, on the same amount of income, pensioners pay much more tax than do wage earners," he says.

The two youth wings want to raise taxes on consumption and activities that hurt the environment. At the same time, they want to lower taxes related to working and investing.

"We have to make it profitable to invest in Sweden, in order to create jobs here. That's why we want to lower taxes on jobs and for job-creators," says Linda Nordlund, chair of the Liberals youth wing.

They have agreed on several controversial issues, like getting rid of the earned income tax credit (jobbskatteavdrag), and replace it by lowering the ceiling for the high-income tax. They also want a single value added tax level, and the same payroll tax (arbetsgivaravgift) for everyone.

"We in the youth wings," says Nordlund, "are usually more radical and more ideological than our parties. The fact that we succeed in agreeing, I think, gives a very good basis for our parties to do so as well."

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