List of Tsunami Victims Released After Court Order

At eight o’clock this morning, the National Police released its list of the 565 people missing or confirmed dead in the aftermath of the Southeast Asian tsunamis.

This comes after Sweden’s Supreme Administrative Court ruled in favour of Swedish news agency TT, which had requested that the names and other information on the list be made public. Police had so far refused to release the names, citing privacy concerns. The police also feared unattended property would be plundered if addresses of the missing were released.

The court ruled that, ”information that a person was at a popular Swedish vacation resort during the Christmas holiday and was then affected by a natural disaster is not (invasive).”

The police have received numerous calls from distressed people who did not want this information to be made public. Police spokeswoman Linda Widmark said, ”They’re mourning someone close to them, and it will be even more stressful to have to read about it in the paper.”

TT’s managing editor, Mats Johansson, welcomed the ruling, saying that the list being kept private had hindered national media, ”from making their own decisions about what to publish.”

The lists have been published throughout the day in several media outlets.