Freivalds: Expand Security Council

Sweden’s Foreign Minister Laila Freivalds opened a foreign policy debate in parliament Wednesday by thanking all those who made ”fantastic efforts” in Sweden, Thailand and elsewhere to help those who lost loved ones in the tsunamis.

She called the tsunami a merciless reminder, ”that we all share the same world.” Freivalds also said, ”It is a mark that will always show in the statistics on child mortality in our country.”

On other issues, she said that Sweden wants to see a legitimate and effective U.N. Security Council that, ”takes its full responsibility for international peace and security.” She said an enlargement of the Security Council would safeguard its legitimacy and relevance. She did not say which countries should be appointed.

Freivalds also called for a stronger international legal system, noting the loss of life in Sudan’s Darfur region and human rights violations there.