Did Stina Nordenstam make the best Swedish album ever? Photo: Dan Hansson/Scanpix

This was named the best Swedish album ever?

The 100 best Swedish albums of all time
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A Swedish music magazine has just published a new list that has certainly got chins wagging here, it lists the best 100 Swedish albums of all time. If there is one thing music nerds love, it's lists, whether it is the official charts or your own personal lists, and Sonic Magazine's list has proved controversial.

But it is not the lack of international Swedish stars like Ace of Base or Roxette that has perplexed some music fans, but rather which album by more domestic names like Ulf Lundell and Håkan Hellström should be highest on the list.

Magazine editor-in-chief Pierre Hellqvist says the magazine was somewhat taken aback by the strength of feeling in social media and the newspapers.

"It was more than we expected," he told Radio Sweden. "Of course we knew there was going to be some criticism against us for not including this and this record, or this and this artist. But it's been a bit more than we expected, it's just a list, it's not like we are trying to take over the state or something."

The magazine asked up to 150 musicians, music journalists and music industry moguls to send in lists of their favourite Swedish albums, from which the magazine constructed the list, which contains almost everything from hiphop and r-n-b, to jazz and heavy metal, from the "progg music" of the seventies to electronic artists from the last few years.

The best Swedish album of all time was voted to be an album by nineties artist Stina Nordenstam, "And she closed her eyes", from 1994. Pierre Hellqvist, editor-in-chief of Sonic Magazine says Nordenstam got a lot of votes, and can be seen as a kind of trailblazer.

"She paved the way for a lot of the Swedish artist we hear a lot about now," he says. " She has also kept a very low profile in the media, so that always increases the myth around her. She's really highly rated anyway, but I think that fact that she is some kind of 'Greta Garbo' figure makes her even more exciting. And her records still sound good. They could have been released today."

Here are the ten best Swedish albums, according to Sonic Magazine

1. Stina Nordenstam "And she closed her eyes" (1994)

2. Håkan Hellström "Känn ingen sorg för mig Göteborg" (2000)

3. Jan Johansson "Jazz på svenska" (1964)

4. The Knife "Deep Cuts" (2003)

5. Neneh Cherry "Raw Like Sushi" (1989)

6. The Latin Kings "Välkommen till förorten" (1994)

7. Ebba Grön "We're Only in It for the Drugs" (1979)

8. The Soundtrack of Our Lives "Welcome to the Infant Freebase" (1996)

9. Monica Zetterlund & Bill Evans "Waltz for Debby" (1964)

10. ABBA "Arrival" (1976)

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