Foto: Jessica Johansson/ P4 Radio Stockholm

Alby residents want to challenge sale in court

"We're not going to give up"
4:11 min

The municipal council in a Stockholm suburb has approved a contentious plan to sell 1,300 publically owned apartments to a private company that is run by a venture capitalist.

Residents in the Alby section of Botkyrka have been protesting for months to stop the sale. The “Alby is Not For Sale” campaign gathered thousands of signatures to put the sale to a referendum. But the local council also tabled that measure.

The Social Democrats, who have a majority on the council, say they need the cash from the sale to renovate homes and build new residences.

But activist Emma Dominguez disagrees. "I know these buildings are in need of restoration but it doesn't have to happen today," Dominguez tells Radio Sweden.

She says the campaign will now challenge the sale of the apartments in court. "We're not going to give up on this issue," she says.

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