Explosive device found at new Tele2 Arena

An explosive device was found Thursday afternoon by the new Tele2 arena in Stockholm, forcing the cancellation of an evening game designed to test the match readiness of the venue.

The "dangerous" object was found in a box the size of a shoe box with the word "bomb" outside the stadium at around 3:PM.  The motive is unclear and police late Thursday refused to speculate whether it was connected to the friendly match that was due to take place between two veteran teams from Stockholm club Djurgården, who will share the venue with Hammarby football club.  

"The technician's initial assessment was that this was something that was working and no dummy," says Sven-Erik Olsson at police central control in Stockholm.

Bomb disposal experts later rendered the object harmless. After waiting several hours to make sure there were no people inside the arena, police using sniffer dogs began a detailed seach.  

News agency TT reports that the police have launched a preliminary investigation on the preparation of devastation endangering the public. A further search of the area around the Stockholm Globe City complex is being conducted. 

Johan Seidefors, press spokesperson för Stockholm Globe Arenas, says that the game between two veteran Djurgården sides was a test of the new Tele 2 arena and its facilities, 2 500 supporters were to be allowed into the venue.

The multi-purpose venue is for concerts, sports events and for home football matches involving local side Hammarby IF.