The "racist cake" incident. Photo:Scanpix

Swedish artist Makode Linde attacked

Makode Linde, a Swedish artist and musician who emerged in the international spotlilght last year due to a controversial exhibit staged at the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm, was attacked on Friday night by an unknown assailant as he prepared for an group exhibit opening in Strömstad, north of Gothenburg.

An intoxicated person entered the venue and struck Makode Linde with an iron rod or a flagpole.

"He ducked, so the blow only caught him on his shoulder," Strömstad pollice chief Lars-Aåke Ringström told local paper Bohusläningen.

Linde, who currently lives in Berlin, was recognized internationally as a result of an incident at the Modern Museum in Stockholm in April 2012.

The artist had designed an installation called "Painful Cake," in the shape of a black Venus of Willendorf, but with his own head made up of a classic negro caricature, a "golliwogg" which is similar to "blackface".

A video showing the first piece of cake being cut from the body by Swedish culture minister Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth attracted noteriety worldwide and led to calls for the minister's resignation. Linde's work was attacked by some as racist, but the artist claimed that the work instead portrayed "how whites symbolically consume black, cut up their body parts and eat."

A new exhibit by the provocative artist called "Taboo Fetish" opens today at Ldokstallet gallery in Strömstadt, and continues until August 4.

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