Powerful thunderstorms in Gothenburg. Photo: Jesper Ingevaldsson
road closures in Gothenburg, power outtage at hospital in the north

More bad weather on the way

Thunderstorms and downpours continued to cause problems in Sweden this weekend, and more lightning looks to be on the way.

Electricity went out at Skellefteå hospital in the north of the country on Saturday morning, likely because of powerful storms, according to news agency TT. The hospital's backup electricity system did not take over, which meant that essentially, the whole hopsital had no power.

"The last time the back up power worked was last week, and so, we think that the thunderstorms even took that out. It's very unusual," says Marie Rodling Wahlström of the Västerbotten county council to news agency TT.

Even the machinery monitoring a couple of heart patients stopped working, but according to Wahlström, no one has been hurt by the outtage.

On Saturday morning Gothenburg was affected by storms and heavy downpours. Several roads, including parts of the E 6, in Gothenburg were closed due to flooding. Transport Administration staff were out in the morning, setting up water barriers on several smaller roads, which had begun to give way. However, by around lunchtime, the E 6 was open again.

"There is luck in unluck," said Selland, "that it's happening so early in the day. People aren't awake, and haven't started driving yet."

In Jönköping, work continued on Saturday to clean up after Friday's downpour, which flooded the Ryhov hospital, among other places.

"Yesterday, it looked like a catastrophe area," says Rolf Landin, who works for the municipality, "today it looks a little better." He adds that the roads and streets are no longer covered with gravel.

More thunderstroms are on the way in connection with two warm fronts - one that was already over Västerbotten on Saturday morning, and the other heading in over the west coast from Denmark.

On Sunday, a rainy front with a high risk of thunderstorms will likely head over western Sweden and before working its way northeast.

Though it is unusual for people to be severely injured because of lightning, Eva Strandberg, a meteorologist at the Swedish Met Institute reminds people to have respect for it. "Don't be out in an open field, and don't go swimming when it's lightning," she says.

On Thursday night, 11 cows outside Smedjebacken in Danalrana died after lightning struck.

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