The government's administrative offices at Rosenbad, in Stockholm. Photo: Hasse Holmberg / Scanpix

Pay raises more generous for government's inner circle

A small circle of high-ranking civil servants who work in the government's administrative offices at Rosenbad have been getting more generous pay raises than other people at the office, reports Swedish Radio News.

When finance minister Anders Borg of the conservative Moderates talks about pay raises in Sweden, he often talks about restraint for fear that unemployment will rise, according to Swedish Radio News. However, restraint may not be reflected in the way the government grants pay raises to this inner circle, whose salaries are not set by collective bargaining agreements.

The government sets the salaries for this group of about 40 people, which includes, for example, the department's legal counsel. By looking at a series of government decisions on wage hikes, Swedish Radio found that between 2011 and 2012, the inner circle got an average raise of 3.7 percent (which meant they were earning an average of SEK 2,800 a month more than they had before), whereas the other workers at Rosenbad, who fall under collective bargaining agreements, got an average raise of 2.7 percent (thus earning about SEK 1,200 more a month than they had before).

Salaries and raises vary quite a bit within the inner circle. The person who got the biggest raise some SEK 10,000 a month more than they had before, for a total salary of nearly SEK 100,000 a month. Meanwhile, the person with this group who was awarded the smallest raise got an extra SEK 500 a month, for a total salary of SEK 60,000 a month.

Finance Minister Anders Borg refused to comment on the matter to Swedish Radio News.

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