Sture Bergwall, previously known as Thomas Quick, has been cleared of eight murders which he previously confessed to. Photo: Yvonne Åsell/Scanpix
The Thomas Quick case

'A big failure for Sweden's legal system'

Opinions are sharply divided over prosecutors' decision to drop the last of eight murder convictions against Sture Bergwall, previously known as Thomas Quick. The guilty verdicts were heavily based upon Bergwall's confessions to his therapist while he was in psychiatric care.

Christer van der Kwast, who prosecuted Quck for all eight murders, continues to insist that the guilty verdicts were justified.

Prosecutor-General Anders Perklev, on the other hand, told Radio Sweden News that Bergwall case is a 'big failure for the Swedish legal system."

Minister of Justice Beatrice Ask also announced that a government review of the controversial case will be inititiated.

Under his previous name, Thomas Quick, Sture Bergwall became known as Sweden's "worst serial killer of modern times". He confessed to eight murders in total but then withdrew his confessions saying he was not a killer.

On Wednesday he was cleared of the eighth murder after courts had already overturned seven murder convictions against him.

Bergwall is still in psychiatric care, but on Wednesday he told Swedish Radio News that he is "convinced" he will be released soon.

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