Photo: Scanpix. Montage: Sveriges Radio

Random drug tests for drivers on way?

The Swedish police are considering introducing saliva drug tests on drivers, Swedish Radio News reports.

At the moment police can only test for alcohol by the roadside, but the drug tests could soon be brought in. At first they would only be used if police had a strong suspicion that drivers were under the influence of an illegal substance, but some fear they could be used in the future for random testing by the road side. That would differ from current alcohol tests as any sign of drugs in the body would be illegal and lead to a criminal penalty, while having a trace of alcohol in the body, below the legal limit, is not.

However, random drug tests would need a change in the law, and the police's ethical council has expressed concerns that it would mean a distancing from the basic principles that coercive measures can only be used if a crime is suspected.

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