The Royal Palace, in its current shade. Photo: Scanpix

What colour to paint the Royal Palace?

Stockholm's Royal Palace is to be repainted, but what colour should it be?

The National Property Board of Sweden, which administers state buildings, has decided to paint it in a "yellowish shade of pink", and will start colour tests before a final decision is taken, according to news agency TT.

But local Stockholm politician Madeleine Sjöstedt, who is responsible for cultural and architectural issues at Stockholm City Council says she wants the Palace to be painted in its original colour, yellow.

Writing in daily Dagens Nyheter, Sjöstedt calls for a brighter colour, which she says is more in keeping with the colour palate most commonly used on buildings in Gamla Stan, the district closest to the palace, and also the colour the Palace's architect originally wanted for his building.

"With one of Europe's biggest palaces, a baroque pearl in one of the most beautiful spots in the world, we should be exacting and let it stand out", she writes.

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