Omar Soleyman.. Photo: RobertMacPherson/Scanpix

Doors still closed to Syrian musician

Syrian artist Omar Souleyman who was unable to perform a concert in Stockholm last Friday because the Swedish consulate denied him and his band entry permits, has been invited to play at Gothenburg's Way Out West festival this weekend. However, the Swedish Consulate in Istanbul says it has no plans to alter its previous decision.

According to Luger, organisers of the Stockholm Music & Arts festival, the consulate had determined that there was a great risk that the band members would apply for residence permits if granted the right to enter Sweden.

Ola Broquist, program manager for Way Out West, still hopes the Syrian artist can visit Sweden.

"We are trying to talk to everyone: the Consulate, the Migration Board and even politicians," Broquist told Swedish Radio News.

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