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Swedish car bomb was just an experiment

Police cordoned off part of the Danish capital close to several embassies on Tuesday morning after a Swedish-registered car was noticed by a passerby in a parking garage with suspicious wiring visible emerging from the rear of the vehicle.

"Cables were going from inside the car to a battery, so we can't rule out the possiblity that it is a bomb. Therefore we have started to evacuate the area and called in bomb experts from the military," Copenhagen Police detective Hans Sinding told Jyllands-Posten before the matter was investigated. Hundreds of people were evacuated from Kungens Nytorg.

What had looked like an explosive device turned out to be a scientific experiment conducted by its Swedish owner, Swedish television director Dan Zeatherus. "He had no bad intentions," said Hans Sinding. 

Unaware of the bomb threat, the 49-year-old had tried to get back to his vehicle which was in a carpark only to find the area cordoned off. He then decided to go to a cafe where he heard the news and called the police.

"I am the inventor of the future and have built a prototype that will help motorists to run on electricity instead of gasoline. There are little cords that go from under the vehicle. Unfortunately, it was perceived as something else and it makes me both sad and upset. I am shocked at the reaction," the Swede told media.

The Danish police say no crime was committed.

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