Two representatives of the Leftist group Revolutionary Front are interviewed. Photo: Andreas Hedfors, Swedish Radio News

Säpo targets Leftist militants

Säpo, the intelligence unit of the Swedish police force, is making a concerted effort to come to grips with Leftist extremists in the region west of Stockholm who have conducted some 30 attacks against their political opponents since February, reports Swedish Radio News.

"We do not feel that any of these figures represent a genuine threat to democracy, in terms of starting a revolution or trying to change our form of government. But they are a serious threat to individual democratic functions," says Ahn-Za Hagström, senior analyst with Säpo.

Among the actions carried out by the militants are telephone threats, attacks with chemicals, and beatings of their opponents. In the most recent incident, an apartment in the city of Västerås was vandalized over the weekend.

A Leftist extremist interviewed by Swedish Radio News said that a number of activists went to a certain apartment in order to attack the person who lives there. When they found he was not at home, they destroyed the apartment's interior.

"We don't consider a person who is a Nazi as a bad person who has made the wrong personal choices, but instead view him as a political opponent, a political enemy," the 27-year-old Leftist activist explained.

Säpo analyst Ahn-Za Hagström notes that the current situation in Sweden is not as serious as it was at the end of the 90's, when Sweden was rocked by serious political violence. During that period, police were murdered in the wake of an armed robbery by Nazis, and a union leader was assasinated in Stockholm.

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