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"She just wants her mummy back" - Frida Wallberg

Boxer tells of fight back from brain hemorrhage

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Fifty-five days after Swedish boxer Frida Wallberg was knocked out and suffered a brain injury in a world title fight, she is working hard to become fully healthy, reports Sweden Radio News.

"It goes up and down every day," Wallberg said Thursday, during a press conference held in her home in Åtvidaberg.

After she was knocked out in the eighth round of her world Super Featherweight title fight against Diana Prazak in Stockholm on June 15, Wallberg was placed into a medically induced coma at Karolinska Hospital following emergency surgery on a cerebral hemorrhage.

"Things change from day to day. Sometimes I feel great and sometimes I can't get out of bed. I want to do many things, but just can't do it. I have pain and am tired, but I'm continuously improving," she explained.

It is doubtful if Frida will ever be able to resume a career in the ring.

"I don't think about boxing at all at the moment. It's too emotional. My only focus is upon returning to a normal life. It is has been tough for my daughter Nellie, but she has taken it really well. She says that she wants her mummy back. I just want to return to the Frida I was before and become as healthy as possible."

Some critics have suggested that Wallberg already had a head injury suffered in training even before the title match started, but she denies that this was the case.

"I was better trained than ever. In the fifth round I was head-butted, and after that I was out of it, I don't remember anything after that point. But I was not injured when I went into the ring."

Some observers have argued that the referee should have ended the brutal contest earlier, but the injured boxer is not sure if she agrees.

"I don't know if the match should have been stopped earlier," she says with tears in her eyes. She said that she cannot bring herself to watch the fight.

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