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Swedish politicians' emails at risk of interception

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Several political parties in the Swedish parliament are using email servers that are located on US soil, even though this means they can be intercepted by American authorities under the controversial NSA surveillance program.

Tech World Magazine has found that half of all Swedish parliamentary parties' email servers are located abroad. Three are in the United States, where the law says all servers can be intercepted no matter from which country the information originates.

Swedish magazine Tech World cites a source with "good insight into the parliamentary parties' communications" who said that sensitive, internal information is often emailed within the parties.

Anne-Marie Eklund Löwinder, head of security at .SE (the Internet Infrastructure Foundation) told Tech World that her organisation has outlined the risks of outsourcing email-handling. They have encouraged authorities and state-run companies to keep their own email servers within Sweden's borders.

"Last year, 35 percent of state-owned companies' email servers were placed in Sweden, while this year that figure is 16 percent," said Eklund-Löwinder.

She added that a number of measures must be taken to make Sweden's internet infrastructure safer.

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