Supporters of Mohamed Mursi escape the riot police's teargas in Cairo.

Carl Bildt condemns Egypt violence

Sweden's foreign minister has spoken out about the escalation of violence in Egypt, writing on Twitter Wednesday: "I condemn the killings and the violence in Egypt now. Main responsibility with regime forces. Extremely hard to restore political process."

Bildt told Swedish Radio News: "You can't help feeling pessimistic when you see how the trouble spreads from Cairo to other cities in Egypt."

His comments came after reports that at least 94 people were killed when Egyptian security forces entered two camps in Cairo, where supporters of deposed president Mohamed Mursi held a protest against the transition government currently ruling Egypt.

Asked whether the European Union will intervene, Bildt said:

"We have limited possibilitites to do that. You have to be aware that developments in Egypt to a large extent follow their own logic. When they themselves do not want to have a dialogue, it is hard for us to achieve dialogue."

"But we will try in any way possible to say that the only possible solution to Egypt's political problems and confrontation is for them to take a step back from the abyss - to talk to each other and find a political solution," he added.

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