Göran Hägglund, leader of the Christian Democrats. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/SCANPIX

Christian Democrats call for pensioner tax cuts

The Christian Democrats, one of the four parties in the centre-right coalition government, wants to prioritise tax cuts for pensioners in upcoming budget talks, Swedish Radio News reports.

Party leader Göran Hägglund says "It's important for us to implement that part of our election promises to the the pensioners, that our ambition is to cut their taxes further. We have cut taxes four times so far, and now want a fifth cut".

The party wants a tax cut which would mean SEK 50 to 60 a month for most pensioners.

Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt from the conservative Moderate party, the biggest party in the coalition, is due to present his budget priorities tomorrow.

The Centre Party have already said they want to put money aside to let the state pay a bigger share in sick pay, while the Liberals want to raise teachers wages.

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