Fredrik Reinfeldt delivered his traditional summer speech in Gustavsberg, near Stockholm on Saturday. Photo: Fredrik Furtenbach Sveriges Radio

Opposition like a 'badly rehearsed orchestra': PM

Update 14:15

Prime Minister Fredrick Reinfeldt has announced plans for tax cuts worth SEK 16 billion. The proposal from his party, the Moderates, will be a central part of negotiations with coalition partners in the run up to next year’s election.

“People with ordinary incomes will get a few hundred more crowns per month and it will create jobs,” he said, adding that the threshold for paying tax should be raised along with a billion krona tax reduction for pensioners.

The announcement came ahead of a political speech in Gustavsberg, outside of Stockholm today, aimed at setting the tone for his party’s election campaigning.

During the speech the Moderate Party leader said he would use “the strength of the Swedish economy to secure jobs”.

He criticized the Left-Green opposition parties which he lampooned for being an uncoordinated and ill-prepared orchestra, with the Social Democrat party leader, Stefan Löfven, playing triangle somewhere in the back.

“You don’t get any good music when you haven’t even rehearsed together;” he said.

Green Party spokesman Gustav Fridolin responded that there was no popular support for Reinfeldt’s tax cutting plans, pointing to a Novus opinion poll which found that only six percent of Swedes thought tax cuts should be a priority.

“When more and more children are not getting what they need in school, does Sweden really need a new tax cut?” he wrote in a press release.

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