The police shooting of a 69-year-old man is seen by many as the spark that ignited nearly a week of rioting in Stockholm suburbs in May. Photo montage: Ekot

Police officer criticizes Husby shooting

A police officer who took part in an operation which lead to the death of a 69-year-old man in Husby in May has criticized the police force’s ability to protect the public.

“The police should protect, help and uphold the law. In this case the outcome was the opposite to that,” Martin Marmgren wrote on his blog.

“There’s been in internal inquiry and no individual officer is suspected of a crime. But I’d argue that the police as an organization is guilty of being unable to handle the situation without someone dying.”

Marmgren writes that when the police entered the apartment in the Stockholm suburb - following an alert that a man was brandishing a weapon - the 69-year-old was armed with a large knife. However he said the police had “full control over how to approach the situation and what tactics and tools to use”.

He is also critical that the police officers involved were not questioned after the incident.

The shooting was seen by many as the spark which ignited several says of rioting and car burning in Stockholm suburbs in mid-May.

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