Education Minister Jan Björklund finds it "not be reasonable" to expect parents to review a school's economy. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/Scanpix

Parents "not expected" to review school budget

In the aftermath of the free school giant Jb-education's bankruptcy, the head of the Schools Inspectorate advised parents to read the schools financial report before enrolling their child. Now education minister Jan Björklund tells Swedish Television News that it would be unreasonable to expect parents to do so.

"It is neither reasonable, nor possible for parents to scrutinise the school's economy, that responsibility has to lie with society," Björklund says in an interview on Monday.

But the general director of the Schools Inspectorate Ann-Marie Begler persists that this is a reasonable demand on the parents. "As consumers on a market you have to have that information in order to choose school," she tells Swedish Television News.

Still, she would want more money for the Schools Inspectorate to scrutinise the economy of the free schools. According to the Minister of Education Jan Björklund, the responsibility for such a review already lies with the Schools Inspectorate. But he does indicate more money is on its way.

"The free school Committee as well as the Schools Inspectorate say that this needs to happen in a more ambitious way than before. This will need more resources and I think it is reasonable that we are heading in that direction. It is not the parents that are the ones that should review the economy of a school," he says.

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