Ryanair threatens to sue over tired pilots article

The Irish airline Ryanair, has threatened to sue a local Swedish newpaper for publishing testimonies from pilots criticizing working conditions are the company.   

“It’s totally crazy, They want to silence a debate on airline safety,” Göran Carstorp, chief editor of the newspaper Södermanlands Nyheter told Swedish Television (SVT).

The newspaper carried an article on Tuesday which featured testimonies from anonymous Ryanair pilots who claimed it was common to work unpaid overtime and for pilots to appear for duty when they were sick or overtired.

“You don’t go off sick, partly because you won’t get paid but also because you can get fired if it happens more than once of twice,” one pilot told the newspaper.

“I don’t know how many times I’ve flown with colleagues who are so tired they can’t keep their eyes open and have to sleep ten minutes under the flight. Even if it’s not against regulations you can’t say it’s safe,” added another.

Ryanair has denied the allegations. In a letter to the newspaper the company’s head of informaton Robin Kiely wrote that the paper's sources were “making up rubbish” and that legal procedings would follow if they were published.

However Göran Carstorp at Södermanlands Nyheter told SVT that the article is based on reliable sources and documents.

Last week the airline also threatened to sue Channel 4’s Dispatches news programme in the UK for reporting that a group of Ryanair pilots had safety concerns over planes carrying too little fuel.

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