Social Democrat leader Stefan Löfven. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/Scanpix

Löfven criticized for tax cut decision

Leading Social Democrat politicians have criticised party leader Stefan Löfven, who says the party would not reverse a planned tax cut by the current government if it won the next general election.

Prime Minister Reinfeldt announced on Saturday that he wanted the current centre-right government to go through with a fifth round of tax cuts in the next budget.

Social Democrat leader Stefan Löfven has told journalists that he would not put the taxes back up after a general election win next year.

But now the head of the Social Democrat women's movement, and several other members of the party's top brass say that a tax hike should not be ruled out.

Lena Sommerstad MP told Swedish Radio News: "It is quite obvious that we don't want any tax cuts in the future, and we shouldn't keep this fifth round of cuts. Our priorities should be more money to the welfare state. I think this is where we should be clear that tax isn't just an expense that we have to pay, but also that taxes fund the welfare state, and we have to say that more", she told Swedish Radio.

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