Photo: Henrik Montgomery/Hussein Malla/Scanpix

Bildt: "The UN is the only way"

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt is continuing to call for UN chemical weapons inspectors to be sent to the scene of the alleged chemical weapons attack that took place close to Damascus on Wednesday, which is thought to have killed hundreds.

Speaking to Swedish Radio News, Bildt says there needs to be an investigation immediately, and hopes that instructions will come from the UN secretary general soon. Only the United Nations can act in cases like this, Bildt added.

Last night the UN security council discussed the alleged attack and after the meeting the UN's Deputy Secretary-General, Swede Jan Eliasson said he hoped for quick action.

"We see the need to investigate this as soon as possible. This represents a serious escalation with grave humanitarian consequences and human consequences," he said.

The head of the UN weapons inspectors, who have just arrived in Damascus, is Swede Åke Sellström.

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