The man known as "svennis" in Sweden.Photo:Henrik Montgomery
tells uk paper that he has been allegedly cheated out of millions

Sven Göran Eriksson speaks of financial troubles

Sweden's most famous football coach, Sven-Göran Eriksson, alleges that he's lost SEK 100,000 000 through the actions of his former financial advisor, Samir Khan and has to sell his dream home close to where he grew up.

Eriksson, who once coached the English national team, tells the UK's Daily Telegraph about his financial hardship caused allegedly by his former advisor and his need to keep working.

“He's probably the only person on earth I hate,’’ Eriksson tells the Daily Telegraph of his former advisor Samir Khan.

Eriksson has filed a lawsuit against Khan to seek compensation for his losses. Khan denies the Swede's allegations that he has taken large loans in his name.

"Yes, that's right, £10 million,” confirmed Eriksson. “For most people in the world it's a huge amount of money and it is even for me.

“Even if I was paid well with the jobs I had it's big, big money. I'm not bankrupt. I still have some money. The big problem was the cash when you don’t have a job, which I didn’t for a while. Because Samir [got] me a lot of bank mortgages I had to pay them. "

“I have some properties, which I am going to sell. One I have already sold. I am selling important parts of my life. I have another property in Sweden I have to sell."

“I bought my dream house near where I was born, very close to where I grew up. I would never have [wanted to have] sold that because that’s the house I bought, an old farmhouse, and I restored it. It's very, very nice but I need to sell it – it's got mortgages on it," the 65-year-old tells the newspaper.

The Telegraph reports that in May 2010, Eriksson's solicitors obtained a worldwide freezing order in the High Court against Khan and the Swede formally launched legal proceedings against him.

Eriksson was interviewed by the Daily Telegraph in China where he is currently coaching Guangzhou R&F. 

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