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The police have already cleared one protest camp. Photo: Ida Stigzelius / Sveriges Radio Sameradion.
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Protestors have taken to the trees in the last few days

Police wrong to arrest protestors for trespass

Police went beyond the law in order to remove anti-mine protestors from a site in Kallak, reports Swedish Television’s Nordnytt. Although police said the site was closed to the public by the county council, and all trespassers would be arrested, the council now says they made no such order.

“The right of public access applies to an area, unless there is already work underway, or it is a private area that is dangerous for the public” says legal expert Hans Landberg at the Norrbotten county council board. Police do have the right to move protestors from the road, or take away obstacles.

Swedish Television reports that its own photographer was arrested, questioned and under suspicion of trespass, despite the area not officially being closed.

Protestors had camped at Kallak near Jokkmokk, to try to stop the Iron Mine company carrying out test detonations and extract iron ore samples.

Ulf Sköld at Norbotten police says he is clear that the area was not declared sealed, and that it is a shame if there was a misunderstanding by police on the scene.

Protestors will now make a formal complaint against the police.

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