In the man's flat there were found to be around 40 poisonous snakes. Photo: Scanpix. Montage: Sveriges Radio.
upto 40 poisonous snakes in apartment

Gothenburg man badly bitten by pet cobra

A man in Gothenburg is in intensive care in hospital after being bitten by his pet cobra. He called emergency services at 6:30 P.M. and said that he had been bitten by a cobra in his flat, which contained 40 poisonous snakes. 

"He was driven to Sahlgrenska (hospital) and was in a bad way. How he is I don't know," says duty officer Lars-Gunnar Gustafsson at Västra Götaland police.

Sahlgrenska's press spokesperson did not want to comment on the man's condition but said that they had sent for a serum from Stockholm.

The man, in his forties, had time to secure his snakes before losing consciousness,  although Swedish Radio News reports that some of the snakes could have been housed in an incorrect way and a police report has been prepared.

A snake expert from Gothenburg University was called to the flat to help the police who were waiting to go into the apartment.

The poisonous snakes are still in the apartment waiting for the local council or someone from the Swedish Board of Agriculture to take care of the matter.

"We have cordoned off the apartment again now and there is no danger that the snakes can escape," says Joakim Hansson, deputy spokesman at Västra Götaland police.

In many Swedish municipalities, a permit is required to have venomous snakes in the home. But in February, Gothenburg City Council abolished the permit requirement for venomous snakes. The reason was that there was seldom a problem with snakes around animals, writes tabloid

So far, it is not known what type of cobra bit the man. A king cobra's bite can kill an elephant.

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