Dagens Nyheter's Top editor Peter Wolodarski.Photo:Sveriges Radio
Dagens Nyheter and Nordic colleagues urge Cameron to restore UK's repuation for free press

Nordic editors slam UK's PM over moves against the Guardian

The chief editors of four Nordic newspapers, among them Sweden's Dagens Nyheter, have protested in an open letter to the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, against the government's interference with the Guardian newspaper in its reporting of the Snowden affair. 

They condemn Britain's use of anti-terror legislation to "harass" the Guardian newspaper and people associated with it, and claim it could threaten news media around the world. 

As well as Peter Wolodarski at Dagens Nyheter, the editors from Norway's Aftenposten, Finland's Helsingin Sanomat and Denmark's Politiken, say in a joint letter, Sunday, that they are surprised and concerned "that a stout defender of democracy and free debate such as the United Kingdom uses anti-terror legislation in order to legalize what amounts to harassment of both the paper and individuals associated with it".

They say that the "events in Great Britain over the past week give rise to deep concern" and call on the British prime minister to "reinstall your government among the leading defenders of the free press".

The British government confiscated data being taken to journalist Glenn Greenwald at Heathrow Aiport by his partner, David Miranda, and ordered the destruction of computer equipment belonging to Greenwald's newspaper, the Guardian. 

Greenwald helped to break a number of stories about the US intelligence agencies based on material leaked to the Guardian by the National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden.   

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