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Åke Sellström leads the team of chemical weapons experts
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The UN inspectors on their way to Damascus, Photo: Scanpix
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Victims of the suspected gas attack, Photo: Local Committee of Arbeen/Scanpix

Swedish-led UN weapons team shot at in Syria

According to the AFP news agency, unidentified snipers have shot at a team of UN chemical weapons inspectors in Syria, led by Sweden’s Åke Sellström, Monday.

The team was temporarily forced to suspend its attempt to investigate claims that chemical weapons have been used near Damascus, but activists now tell Reuters the inspectors have now gone on to the site of the suspected gas attack.

No injuries were reported.

The convoy of six UN vehicles was on its way to the eastern outskirts of Damascus, looking for traces after last week’s suspected gas attack on the civilian population in Ghouta.

Several hundred people, including many children, died in the attack.

The UN inspectors, who were already in Syria, were first given permission to visit Ghouta on Sunday.

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