Could Spiderman be the inspiration for "Väktaren"? Photo: Isaac Garrido / Scanpix

"Superhero" patrols the streets of Malmö

A superhero is patrolling the streets of Malmö to stop crime, the newspaper City reports.

Dressed in black, with knee and elbow pads, he has a white "V" on his chest, which stands for "Väktaren" or "The Guardian" and a white mask.

Local police say that as long as he does not hurt anyone or pretend to a policeman, he can do what he likes. "it's a free country", police spokesman Kalle Persson told Swedish Radio P3 News.

Speaking to the local paper, "The Guardian" says he wants to stop people considering breaking the law, help police with eyewitness accounts, or step in if he sees a crime like assault or drug dealing going on.

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