Textile workers at a Bangladesh factory. H&M producers 80 percent of its clothes in Asia. Photo: Scanpix

H&M criticised by Bangladeshi union

The Swedish clothing giant H&M responds to criticism from one of the biggest textile workers' unions in Bangladesh. Helena Helmersson is the company's sustainability manager tells Swedish Radio News that "this is a problem that exists in society at large".

According to the trade union, multinational companies - including H&M - are not doing enough to make sure that their suppliers are meeting safety standards.

Helena Helmersson says she does not think it is correct to criticise H&M specifically. "The competency in the whole industry needs to improve and then you have to work together and in co-operation with authorities and the government to make this happen," she says.

In a recent meeting with H&M the union BGIWF advised the company to make factory inspections together with electrical and construction engineers, as well as a fire safety expert and a labour rights lawyer. Only by employing experts can H&M be sure that building safety and workers' rights are being respected, says the union.

H&M writes to Swedish Radio News in an email that an international team of fire safety and construction engineers will be recruited.

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