police blamed for lack of interest in shoplifters

Thieves cost retailers billions a year

4:41 min

Theft and shoplifting costs the Swedish retail industry SEK 6 billion a year. The Swedish Trade Federation (Svenks Handel) wants to see a law change that treats as shoplifting as serious theft. At present, Svensk Handel says anything amounting upto SEK 1,000 stolen in a single shop is classed as shoplifting, and the police do not take it seriously. 

"We don't like the expression shoplifting because it sends out a message that it is not a real crime, it is something everyone can do, it's not that serious, but it is serious and it's a big problem for our members," Svenks Handel's security chief, Per Geijer, tells Radio Sweden.

Fillet steak topped the list of items stolen by thieves in food stores while jackets proved popular in sports outlets.

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